Address Unknown

Paperback, 64 pages

English language

Published March 31, 2001 by Washington Square Press.

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3 stars (1 review)

A rediscovered classic, originally published in 1938 and now an international bestseller.When it first appeared in Story magazine in 1938, Address Unknown became an immediate social phenomenon and literary sensation. Published in book form a year later and banned in Nazi Germany, it garnered high praise in the United States and much of Europe. A series of fictional letters between a Jewish art dealer living in San Francisco and his former business partner, who has returned to Germany, Address Unknown is a haunting tale of enormous and enduring impact.

16 editions

Short and effective

3 stars

This epistolary tale describes how ordinary, even liberal-minded people could be swept by nationalistic and fascist fervor in Nazi Germany. The novel is really short and we don't really have time to know the characters enough to believe in them. Still, it is a classic, an early warning cry about the pernicious changes happening in Germany at the time, well worth the read. Oh, and the ending is perfect.