Girl, Woman, Other

A Novel

hardcover, 464 pages

Published Dec. 3, 2019 by Grove Press.

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5 stars (4 reviews)

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This is about being together

5 stars

I’m very late to the afterparty, but hey. Got this as a present a while ago, but never got around to reading it. Thanks to sickness I finally made it. And what can I say. It’s wonderful. The language, the characters, the way Evaristo is able to paint their complicated, lovable, hatable, conflicted life stories. It’s a book about identity, about belonging and alienation, surviving and thriving.

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4 stars

This book is a collection of portraits of women, all linked together around a play at the National Theatre. Each portrait is deep and interesting and real, it feels like falling deeper and deeper each time. I enjoyed it and I recommend it. It is written as an internal monologue, with minimal punctuation, which means it requires concentration, and it's quite long.

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