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安德烈·紀德, А Жид, Andrē Žids, and 69 others Andrah Ziid, André P. Gide, ژيد، اندره, Andre Paul Guillaume Gide, Андрэ Жыд, A. ジッド, .. Gide-Valéry, Андре Жід, Andrzej Gide, Āndrih Zhīd, Āndra Žīd, אנדרה ג'יד, Andrah Zhiīd, Andra Jīd, Andrej Žid, आंद्रे जिद, Andre Žid, אנדרה זשיד, A ジッド, Andre Zid, 纪德, A. Gide, Āndrah Jīd, Āntrē L̲īṭu, Ān̲ṭrē Jit, アンドレ ジッド, Andore Jiddo, Antre Zint, De Ji, Αντρέ Ζιντ, Jide, ანდრე ჟიდი, アンドレ・ジッド, آندرے ژید, आन्द्रे जिदे, アンドレ ジード, أندريه جيد،, Andrah Jid, 앙드레 지드, A. Zhid, A Zhid, Andre Gide, アンドレ ジイド, اندريه جيد, Andre Zhid, A. Jiddo, Chi-te, ژيد، آندره،, ਆਂਦਰੇ ਯੀਦ, Андре Жид, Antré Gint, André Paul Guillaume Gide, אנדרה פול ז'יד, André Gide, جيد، اندريه, Andrīh Ǧīd, Antre Litu, آندره ژید, Andre Xhid, Gide, אנדרה ז'יד, Անդրե Ժիդ, اینڈر گائڈ, A.ジッド, আন্দ্রে জিদ, چيد، اندريه, ಆಂಡ್ರೆ ಗಿಡೆ, Andreas Gide, Andre Jid
Nov. 21, 1869
Feb. 18, 1951

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André Paul Guillaume Gide (French: [ɑ̃dʁe pɔl ɡijom ʒid]; 22 November 1869 – 19 February 1951) was a French author and winner of the Nobel Prize in Literature (in 1947). Gide's career ranged from its beginnings in the symbolist movement, to the advent of anticolonialism between the two World Wars. The author of more than fifty books, at the time of his death his obituary in The New York Times described him as "France's greatest contemporary man of letters" and "judged the greatest French writer of this century by the literary cognoscenti."Known for his fiction as well as his autobiographical works, Gide exposed to public view the conflict and eventual reconciliation of the two sides of his personality (characterized by a Protestant austerity and a transgressive sexual adventurousness, respectively), which a strict and moralistic education had helped set at odds. Gide's work can be seen as an investigation of freedom and empowerment in the face of moralistic and puritanical constraints, and centers on his continuous effort to achieve intellectual honesty. As a self-professed pederast, his self-exploratory texts reflect his search of how to be fully oneself, including owning one's sexual nature, without at the same time betraying one's values. His …

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