Aleksandr Aleksandrovič Bogdanov

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Александр Александрович Богданов, Al. Al Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Malinovskiĭ, and 38 others А.Б, Alexander Alexandrowitsch Malinovskij, A. Bogdanoff, Александр Александрович Богданов- Малиновский, Alexander Alexandrowitsch Malinovski, Alexandre Malinovski, באגדאנאוו, Александрович Малиновский, Ал. Ал Богданов, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Bogdanov, Alexandr A. Bogdanow, Alexandr A. Malinowski, Aleksandrovich Bogdanov, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Malinovsky, Aleksandr Aleksandrovič Bogdanov, Н. Максимов, א באגדאנאװ, Riadovoi, Ri︠a︡dovoĭ, A.A. Bogdanov, Aleksandr Bogdanov, א באגדאנאוו, Б.А, Aleksandr Aleksandrovič Malinovskij, Aleksandr A. Karpinskij, Az-buki, א בוגדנוב, Aleksandr Aleksandrovitch Bogdanov, Александр Александрович Малиновский, Aleksandr Aleksandrovitch Malinovski, Рядовой, Aleksandr Aleksandrovich Malinovskii, Александр Александрович Богданов-Малиновский, A. Bogdanov, Alexander A. Bogdanow, Aleksandr Aleksandrowitsch Bogdanow, Alexander A. Malinovsky, А Богданов
Aug. 8, 1873
April 6, 1928

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Alexander Bogdanov was a Russian physician, philosopher, science fiction writer, and revolutionary of Belarusian ethnicity. He was a key figure in the early history of the Bolshevik faction of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party, being one of its cofounders and a rival to Vladimir Lenin until being expelled in 1909. In the first decade of the Soviet Union, he was an influential opponent of the government from a Marxist perspective. The polymath Bogdanov received training in medicine and psychiatry. His scientific interests ranged from the universal systems theory to the possibility of human rejuvenation through blood transfusion. He invented an original philosophy called “tectology,” now regarded as a forerunner of systems theory. He was also an economist, culture theorist, science fiction writer, and political activist.

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